Basic Life Support (BLS)

[frame] Our BLS transports provide 2 California State Certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) that are trained to monitor patients requiring medical supervision and intervention should the need arise, in our state of the art ambulances. [/frame]

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS):

[frame] Our ACLS transports respond to emergency calls, with a higher level of care offering patients medical supervision and advanced intervention if needed during urgent or routine transports.  Our state-licensed critical care nurse (CCTRN) and a California certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), along with our technologically advanced equipment and vehicles, ensure our patients experience a safe and secure medical transport. [/frame]

Critical Care Transport (CCT):

[frame] Our Critical Care transports provide patients requiring the highest level of medical intervention during transport, escorted by a state-licensed critical care nurse (CCTRN) and a California certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Critical care ambulances are fully stocked and equipped to meet these patients’ special needs. [/frame]

Neonatal AND Pediatric Intensive Care (NICU):

[frame] Our Neonatal and Pediatric Transports provide the highest level of care for seriously ill infants, children and high-risk pregnant women. Our EMT’s pick up a Neonatal specialty team that provides high-level care and are equipped with pediatric medical equipment to ensure the safest transport. [/frame]

Bariatric Care:

[frame] We operate the region’s largest fleet of Level I and Level II bariatric units, for safe and effective transport of patients requiring an enhanced level of service. Our innovative approach uses a ramp and winch system to pull the gurney into the ambulance. Stretchers that can hold patients up to 1600 lbs. are used for the safety and comfort of the patient. [/frame]

Standby Service at Special Events:

[frame] Providing medical care to a wide variety of special events and requirements of event organizers. On-Location Filming- Sporting Events – Indoor and Outdoor Community Gatherings, Ceremonies Public Relations, Promotional Events Concerts, Fairs, Parades, Carnivals, Public and Private Events. [/frame]

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