Mission Ambulance will be using Clean alternative fuels for new ambulances.

Mission Ambulance sees the need for cleaner fuel-efficient technologies and will be using clean alternative fuels to power the new ambulances in their fleet.
“This investment allows us to be good stewards of our environment, reducing greenhouse gas and emissions and falls in line with the City of Riverside’s vision of a Clean and Green City”, said Tom Clowdus, Mission Ambulance, Vice President. “We look forward to working together with the leadership in the city in the months ahead. Implementing an additional ambulance service that will benefit the citizens of Riverside with choices in medical transportation and cleaner, more fuel efficient ambulances.”

Mission Ambulance has applied for a ambulance franchise in the City of Riverside. Mission is working to expand the level of service and choices for the community. Currently the city has only one ambulance provider. Additional choices allows for better service and more timely response in scheduling the needs of the community and its citizens.

Mission Ambulance has served the county of Riverside for over a decade and is the fastest-growing medical transportation provider in the region. Providing facilities and patients with the ideal level of care with unmatched courtesy, compassion and commitment.